Using IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) industry standards, Anderson Certified’s hot water extraction method (otherwise known as steam cleaning) and eco-friendly cleaning agents lift dirt, grime, oils, allergens, pet hair, organic contaminants such as food, drink, vomit, drool, saliva, urine and feces, and other unwanted contaminants from all your carpets and area rug fibers.

​Combined with manufacturer-approved protectants that help to prevent stains, your flooring will stay cleaner longer, maintaining its beautiful appearance, particularly before and after parties.

While commercial carpeting is manufactured to withstand more activity than its residential counterpart, professionally maintaining your carpet is more important since your business revenue and reputation are at stake. High traffic areas and pivot points such as those around door entrances, restrooms, pantries, corners, and receptionist/hostess desks will grind dirt deeply into carpet fibers. Moreover, coffee machine spills, kitchen mishaps, sleet, salt, rain or mud tracked in from outdoors, or contaminants from an attached warehouse in a mixed-use space also contribute to very soiled, distressed carpeting. Vacuuming or replacing individual carpet tiles alone cannot restore your overall carpeting image to a clean, stain-free state. Anderson Certified Cleaning Technicians use hot-water extraction to deep clean carpet in traffic lanes as well as around and under furniture, restoring it to a clean, bright and fresh-smelling condition. We can also apply a manufacturer-approved protectant to further protect your carpeting from new stains and environmental damage.